PM talk + Last Day of PM class

Last December 12, we had a chance to listen to a talk by Mr. Greffin, a Project Manager and also a co-worker of Ma’am Kit from Globe Telecom. He basically talked about what it’s like to have a career in Project Management.

He started off with his basic background including the companies that he worked on. For the past 6 years, he had already tried different companies inside and outside the country. And one thing that he told us to remember is that we should at least try to avoid being in so many companies in just a short time. Furthermore, we should invest on a company that offers many trainings and gives us opportunities to grow.

He also mentioned that before, he never even thought of being a “PM”. All he wanted is to become a developer: to code and code and code. However, as he transfers from a company to another, one of these companies, HP, gave him an opportunity in the field of Project Management. From then on, he continued taking this path.

He shared the serious and not-so-serious FAQ’s in the field of Project Management. According to him, to be a successful project manager, one must learn how to balance all the resources in order to deliver a project efficiently. The EQ of a project manager is also important. One must learn how to properly handle and deal with his/her team mates. Though having this career might be somehow stressful and takes much of your time, he said that it is all worth it in the end.

According to him, certifications really matter in resume and job interviews. However, it’s not all about that. He said that there are many project managers that don’t even have certifications. He stresses that knowing how to handle your tasks/projects properly is more important than certifications.

He shared with us his frustrations and struggles in taking the PMP certification; he shared with us a bit of his life and his career as a Project Manager, as well as its pros and cons. It is indeed an hour full of learning and inspiration. Who knows, some of us might be successful PMs someday. Thank you sir Greffin for this talk!


This day also marks the last day of our PM class with Ma’am Kit. We’ve learned so many things about Project Management and things that are beyond that. We got to know more about the “outside world” and what it’s really like to be in the industry. I’m also happy that we were given a chance to handle a real client. It was both a challenging and fulfilling experience.

Thank you po for this semester! Enjoy life! Take care always and God bless! 🙂

PS: thank you rin po sa donut hahahahaha


IS 206 funfunfunnnn

Hiiiiii ma’am! =))

To be honest, I don’t know where to start. I cannot simply fathom all the things I would want to say. But, maybe I will start by apologizing. haha. I know I have so many “pagkukulang” and “fails” as the pres. of the class. We had been sooooo unruly and “pasaway” all the time. We were noisy, nope, very noisy. Please dont hate us hahaha A lot of professors seem to notice that… Well, can’t deny, I noticed it too. Most of the time, we don’t start on time because of the projector or so, and even because maraming late. Also, when we had the make up class. I know that it somehow failed as well since the time was not maximized. And other similar matters. With that, I’m really sorry…

Next, i would like to THANK YOU for everything. You do not only teach us the lessons in BPM but also lessons in life. Lessons about how it is being in the industry. Tips. Warnings. Guides. Hugots (hahahaha). I won’t forget those. I find it amazing how you can insert those hugot lines in everything! =)) All those projects/activities that you gave us made me realize even more how important teamwork, cooperation and leadership is.

To put it simply, I learned so many and I can’t thank you enough for that. Indeed, a time well spent with you, Ma’am. Thank you and God bless always! Stay happy! 🙂


ICS 120 – [Aug 5, ’14]


I was able to do some “retouches” on the resume that I’ve made using codecademy. I honestly think that it improved even just a bit and that I was able to do what is needed. But it still doesn’t have that “wow” factor when you look at it. Like if you’ll see the resume you’ll be thinking “I’m going to hire this person”. Nope, it didn’t reach that level, still way far from that. So I still need lots and lots of practice. Well, for editing within less than an hour, I think I made a good job, in a way, considering my skills (lol what skills).

Quiz 1

The quiz was a bit hard (especially on the enumeration and fill in the blanks part) or maybe I just didn’t study well. I got confused with the user experience goals and usability goals so minus 8 points. 😦 I was actually not satisfied with my score but it’s my fault anyways. Maybe I should’ve exerted more effort.

Therefore, to-do: will study harder for the next quizz/es. Hopefully, I’ll get higher marks. Nevertheless, I passed! So I got that going for me which is nice 🙂


ICS 120 – [July 22, ’14]

Things I learned today 🙂

Good Design vs. Bad Design. From simple objects to more complex ones, design is of utmost importance in such a way that it meets the needs/wants of the user in the most convenient way. There are things that need to be considered: the users, activities and where the interaction takes place. These should be thought of properly when making the design.

Working in multidisciplinary teams. There are pros and cons for everything. As for this, the benefit in getting to work with people who have different background and cultural aspects is having different ideas and designs. On the negative side, this benefit can also be a disadvantage. Why? Because it can lead to misunderstandings or they may not agree at a certain point. Thus, leading to slow progress or no progress at all.

Cultural Differences. It is also important to take into account that people have different cultures. Make sure to filter the ideas so that they won’t be insulted and that it suits their culture and norms.

The meaning of the following in terms of Interaction Design: Visibility, feedback, constraints and affordance.

And of course, a lot about Interaction Design. Its meaning, goals, professionals involved, user experience and usabilty, and so much mooooooooore.

To add (during lab hour/s):

I learned a bit about HTML through codecademy. (more about this on the first post :)) )


ICS 120 – [Typography]

me. me. me.

me. me. me.

This was really challenging but I love challenges anyway (well, sometimes. oops). I do have a background in using photoshop but that was like ages ago. And the one that I downloaded is the newest version which is totally alien for me. I freaked out and almost died. Kidding. I calmed myself and realize that its actually almost the same. The interface just changed and became more stylish and professional-looking(in my opinion).

I have a lot of ideas going on inside my head but I ended up staring at the blank canvas for hours. Poor me. I searched different examples of typography to at least enlighten myself. Then tada! I finally made up my mind and start doing what I should really be doing. Thanks to my friends who gave me tips and suggestions on the background color, photos and all. I think I managed to do it well. right?

I was satisfied with my output and I think that I was able to put my plans into action. Hardwork pays off, indeed. Despite that, I still believe that I need lots and lots of practice in using photoshop.

Hope you enjoyed reading a small piece of my life in this typography made by yours truly! 🙂

PS: I find my output very girlyyy and I feel like it doesn’t suit me that much hahahaha

• ICS120 – [Introduction to HTML and CSS via Codecademy]


DONE! Yippieeee 🙂

  • What are the problems encountered during the lecture/activity?
    • I honestly just have a minimal background about HTML and have no idea about CSS at all. I think that was my main problem here. I really have to exert extra effort to comprehend and fully understand each topic compared to those who are already knowledgeable about the subject matter. There are also times that the site doesn’t load properly so I have to refresh it over and over again which takes about 10-20 minutes(but feels like a lifetime =)) ).

  • How were you able to overcome those problems?
    • I read and really tried to understand the lectures given at the left side of the window to at least refresh some information in my mind. It wasn’t difficult to overcome that problem because the lectures were easy to understand and the site itself is absolutely user-friendly! As for the “not loading problem”, I just raped the f5 key refreshed the page repeatedly until it functions well.

  •  What can be improved?
    • As for me, perhaps, I still have to familiarize myself with CSS even more so that I can manipulate it properly and to lessen whatever it is that limits me from doing so. I’m really just a neophyte trying to have a better understanding about it.  I have a certain idea in my mind but can’t apply it maybe because my knowledge is still limited. I really have to improve in that aspect: being able to carry out the idea that I have. I also have to develop skills in making lay-outs in terms of web design or some sort because I’m not that familiar with it. Therefore, more practice in HTML and CSS!

  • What have you learned from the lecture/activity?
    •  I had a better understanding about HTML and my mind was somehow refreshed since we took it way back in High School. I learned new things about the html structure (or I just completely forgot about it) like the divs and spans. In CSS, I learned the basics, classes and IDs, element positioning and so on. I, at least, now have an idea about it and a bit more familiar to it than before. In the end,  I’ve even managed to apply everything I learned by building a resume. So that’s a yay for me 🙂